HealthBJ-UK is an occupationally and family focused Healthcare Social Enterprise.

Our Mission is to help you attain Emotional, Physical, Financial, Housing and Legal wellbeing to stay happily and safely at home and in workplace.

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We can help you select the appropriate expert for your treatment or service regarding specialised consultants (including nationality and religion if it is important for you), level of intensity of treatment or services, number, and type of sessions (face to face, Skype, live chat, telephone, or Online). We guarantee the safety of personal information. Earn new colors of life

Dr. Francis Selemo

Why Choose Us?

A Unique Touch

highly competent professionals and support staff. • Good experience in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and the voluntary healthcare system. • Socially friendly and honest people • Excellent work ethics and registration with professional bodies.

High Successful Treatment/Intervention Outcomes

• Re-admission/re-referral rate: 1 % • 2016/2017: 98% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. • 2015/2016: 95% of our clients in the UK national health service and in private practice reported good recovery on IAPT questionnaires. • 2014: 192 issues treated. Successful recovery rates: 95 to 100% for 142 issues, 80 to 94% for 49 issues, and -50% for 1 issue. GAD-7, PHQ-9, and other questionnaires used.

Competitive Fees

We are a social enterprise with competitive fees and part of our income goes to community projects or to cover the cost of pro bono wellbeing services/products to families who cannot afford our fees. Legal aid available to eligible UK residents.

Doing The Right and Best Thing 100%

We and our partners strive to do the right and the best thing for our clients 100% each time to enable them to pick the right choices.

Our Fee Challenge

If you find a better and cheaper written fee quotation elsewhere for the same level of service/product by a professional at the same level of qualifications, skills, and experiences, we may negotiate a fair discount for you on our original fee.

Due Diligence

Before we offer a service or product to our clients, we ask ourselves if we ourselves and our families will be happy to use the same service or product. We cannot offer to other families what is not good for us.

Our Services

How can we help?

90-98% of our clients reported satisfaction and good recovery on feedback or self-report questionnaire

If you have medical insurance, contact us directly for fast-track appointment. Don’t wait to come to us through and being delayed by third-party middlemen. We will support you in dealing with your Insurer.


What Our Customers Say

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Melanie Portman housewife

Thank you for helping my daughter Samantha to go adolescence, to recover from the unsuccessful attempts to find friends and the bad companies. Through therapeutic support, my daughter and I trust and support each other. Samantha has friends and they have a very good relationship, my daughter, do not use and does not involve in illicit affairs.

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George Griffin insurance manager

My wife wrote down my leadership courses. I treated them fairly skeptical. But I must admit, I liked the methods and attitude of Health City. I can say that has left some children's fears and complexes and now I can be more confident and efficient at home and at work.

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Robert and Alicia Jones

Our family wants to thank Dr. Smith for their concern and support. He helped us to restore normal life after moving and changing jobs. Children could join the new team at the school and to make friends. We could hardly used this time to live so quietly and smoothly without his help.

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HealthBJ is a UK based healthcare social enterprise in London, supporting family’s psychological, physical, financial, legal, and housing well-being. It was founded in 2007. We offer Counseling, Therapy and Well-being Associated services globally.


Davenport House, 16 Pepper St, London E14 9RP, United Kingdom